Amy's Cookbook for Stitchers
24 Chapters and Binders

Why would I want a stitch book that comes in loose-leaf form and is sold by the chapter? Do you like to do Blackwork? Then why would you want a book that has a whole section on Blackwork when you really wanted the Darning Patterns in that book?

In this book you buy the chapter that you want when and if you need it. If you don’t like those stitches or never work Christmas canvases,  skip those chapters that you can’t use and only buy those that you want. Are you tired of lugging 50 lbs. of books to stitch class? Is your chair-side table covered with three stitch books so there is no room for your threads? Snap open your “Cookbook for Stitchers,” take out the diagrams you want and put the rest back on the shelf. Use the “to-go binder for a place to keep loose diagrams for your projects.

  • There are 24 Chapters of Amy's Cookbook for Stitchers.
  • There are 4 colors of Amy's Cookbook for Stitchers Binders which can comfortably hold 8 chapters.
    • Bright Red
    • Deep Blue
    • Hunter Green
    • Magenta

  •  There are 6 Celebrity Chef Chapters of Amy's Cookbook for Stitchers.
    • Tony Minieri
    • Jay Patterson
    • Brenda Hart
    • dede Ogden
    • Caswell, Howren & Robertson
    • Deborah Wilson 

  •  There is Amy's Cookbook "to go" which can be purchased complete or a la carte.
    • complete
    • binder only
    • project planner sheet package
    • individual pocket dividers
    • grid sheet package


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