Amy's Stitch Guide Catalog

More guides will be added on a quarterly basis.  By all means, we welcome your questions and comments via email to

  • The catalog runs alphabetically by designer.  The Table of Contents on the Welcome page will help you find a particular designer.
  • Each entry will contain the catalog number, canvas name, canvas price, stitch guide price, thread kit price (if available), canvas dimensions, mesh size and photo.
  •  $0.00 listed under canvas price signifies that the canvas has been discontinued by the designer.
  • All canvas and thread kit prices are subject to change. 
  • We may request that canvases be sent to us in order to update any thread changes.
  • These guides are not available without purchase of either the canvas or the thread kit.
  • You will not be able to order from the catalog at this time.  Call (901) 458-6109 or email the shop with your order.

If you are looking for Robin's Stitch Guides, we have moved them here.

Helpful Hints: Download the catalogTableofContents to find your favorite designer. 

For best viewing of all images, save each document to your Desktop and then view at your leisure.

Table of Contents

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Pt. I: (A-Jp)

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Pt. II: (Ju-L)

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Pt. III: (Ma-Me)

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Pt. IV: (Mi-Z)

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