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DVD #3  Mop Tops and Buzz Cuts

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Mop Tops and Buzz Cuts is the 3rd instructional DVD in the "How'd You Do That?" series with Amy Bunger.  60 minutes of Hair, Beard, Mustache, Eyebrows and Eyelash ideas for Needlepoint. 51 chapters.  Mop Tops and Buzz Cuts cleverly shows the unstitched canvas/stitched models transitions appearing before your eyes.

  • Long Straight Stitches: Changing Directions
  • Satin Stitches:  Target Stitches, Fill in Satin Stitches
  • Padded Satin:  Felt Padding Technique, Satin Stitch over Padding
  • Random Split Stitch:  Directional Guide Lines
  • Wrapped Backstitch Curls:  Skip Tent Base, Backstitch Technique, Wrapped Backstitch
  • Layers of Buttonhole Stitch:  Starting the Buttonhole, Changing Threads in Buttonhole, Second Layer of Buttonhole, Ending Buttonhole
  • Stitches that "suggest":  Diagonal Wave Stitch, Divided Small Swirl Stitch, Movement Bargello Stitch
  • Knots in Swirls:  Satin Stitch Base, French Knots Swirls
  • Tent in Swirls:  Tent in Swirls Technique
  • All Over Knots:  All Over Knots Technique
  • Gathered Stitch:  Gathered Stitch Technique
  • Twisted Lazy Daisy:  Twisted Lazy Daisy Technique, Nesting Twisted Lazy Daisy
  • Couched Coils:  Couched Coils Technique
  • Freeform Amadeus:  Freeform Amadeus Technique
  • Outline Stitch for Eye:  Tent Stitch Base for Eye, Outline Stitch for Upper Lash, Outline Stitch for Lower Lash
  • Packed Rows for Eyebrow:  Eyebrow Technique, The Complete Eye
  • Rya for Eyelashes:  Rya Technique
  • Gathered Ribbon for Eyelashes:  Gathered Ribbon Technique


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