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DVD #4  Just FUR Fun!

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Just FUR Fun! is the fourth in the "How'd You Do That?" series of DVDs with Amy Bunger.

Watch this movie on how to work a variety of stitches and techniques for FUR (most can be used for hair as well.) See real detail on 5 different ways to work Turkey Work!

Learn things you never knew, be reminded of things you might have forgotten, and see those tricky 3-D stitches and techniques that are hard to figure out from a one-dimension diagram or chart.

60 minutes of close-up, clear instructions that you can watch as a movie or choose from 41 different scenes at the touch of a button.


  • Cut Turkey Work:  Cut Turkey Work technique, Changing Threads, Trimming Cut Turkey Work, Cut Turkey Work on a Curve
  • Jump Through The Loop Turkey Work:  Jump Through The Loop technique, Trimming Jump Through The Loop, Jump Through The Loop model
  • Punch Needle:  Threading the Punch Needle
  • Punch Needle Turkey Work:  Punch Needle Turkey Work technique, Anchoring the Punch Needle, Gluing the Punch Needle Turkey Work, Turkey Work model duo
  • Laura's Turkey Work:  Laura's Turkey Work technique, Changing Threads
  • Sculpting the Turkey Work:  Trimming the Loops, Sculpting the Turkey Work, Sculpted Turkey Work model
  • Encroached Gobelin:  Encroached Straight Gobelin technique, Encroached Straight Gobelin model, Encroached Gobelin Changing Directions, Encroached Gobelin model, Nap Raiser/ Nap Brush, Encroached Gobelin Brush model
  • Encroached Giant Brick: Encroached Giant Brick technique, Encroached Giant Brick model
  • Encroached Random Long & Short: Encroached Random Long & Short technique, model
  • Stitches that "suggest":  Alternating Curves, Sound Waves, Diagonal Balloon, Parisian, Beetle Stitch, "Irregular Jacquard, Basketweave with Long Stitches, Basketweave with Random Stitches, Staggered Mosaic, Random Long Stitches
  • All Over Knots:  All Over Knots technique, Building a 3-D Figure in Knots
  • Gathered Stitch:  Gathered Stitch model, Gathered Stitch technique
  • "S" Curve Couching:  "S" Curve Couching model, "S" Curve Couching technique
  • Puffy Couching:  Puffy Couching model, Puffy Couching technique, Tying Off the Puffy Couching
  • Furry Threads:  Furry Threads model #1, Furry Threads model #2, Furry Threads model #3

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