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DVD #5  Fancy Flowers

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Fancy Flowers is the fifth in the "How'd You Do That?" series of DVDs with Amy Bunger.

Watch this movie on how to work a variety of stitches and techniques for flowers. See real close detail on Appliquéd Felt, Stumpwork Button Technique, Detached Buttonhole over Found Object, Buttonhole Techniques for Pansy Flowers and Turkey Work for Needlepoint Flowers.

Learn things you never knew, be reminded of things you might have forgotten, and see those tricky 3-D stitches and techniques that are hard to figure out from a one-dimension diagram or chart.

This DVD spotlights the Petite Blue Floral Wacky Vase by Melissa Shirley Designs.

60 minutes of close-up, clear instructions that you can watch as a movie or choose from 42 different scenes at the touch of a button.

Petite Blue Floral Wacky Vase

  • Flower #1  Appliquéd Felt with Gathered Flair and Lazy Daisy:  Paper Pattern, Glad Press 'n Seal Demo, Appliqué Technique, Gathered Flair Technique, Lazy Daisy Stitch, Flower #1 Review

  • Flower #2  Lazy Daisy and Packed Fly Stitches:  Lazy Daisy Stitch, Packed Fly Stitches, Flower #2 Review

  • Flower #3  Reverse Mosaic, Couching, Stumpwork Button:  Reverse Mosaic Technique, Couching Technique, Stumpwork Button Technique, Flower #3 Review

  • Flower #4  Detached Buttonhole over Found Objects:  Found Object, Detached Buttonhole Technique, Left Handed Detached Buttonhole Technique, Attaching the Found Object, Flower #4 Review

  • Flower #5  Detached Buttonhole into the Festoon Edge:  Flower #5 Review, Detached Buttonhole into the Festoon Edge Technique, Detached Buttonhole into Backstitch

  • Flower #6  Satin Stitch, Chain Stitch, Stacked Beads:  Satin Stitch, Chain Stitch, Changing Threads in the Chain Stitch, Stacked Beads, Flower #6 Review 

Pansy Flowers

  • Buttonhole Stitch, Changing Threads in the Buttonhole Stitch, Pansy Flower Models

Turkey Work

  • Cut Turkey Work, Punch Needle Turkey Work, Laura's Turkey Work, Turkey Work Models


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