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DVD #7 The Ins & Outs of Needleweaving

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The Ins & Outs of Needleweaving is the seventh in the "How'd You Do That?" needlepoint series of DVDs with Amy Bunger.

Needleweaving is a popular concept for needlepoint; however, the techniques can be difficult to understand from written instructions.  

Amy Bunger, and Special Guest, Kelly Clark share their dimensional Needleweaving with you.

Learn these Needleweaving Techniques with Amy Bunger:

  • Needleweaving Technique (Attached)
  • Detached Needleweaving (1 Side Open)
  • Detached Needleweaving (2 Sides Open)
  • Detached Needleweaving (3 Sides Open)
  • Let's Ask Amy ... with Amy & Jill
  • Detached Needleweaving Seaweed
  • Detached Needleweaving on Long Loose Threads

Learn these Needleweaving Techniques from Kelly Clark:

  • Needleweaving Introduction
  • PIcot Needleweaving
  • Woven Basket Technique
  • Basket Rim Techniques
  • Semi-Detached Needleweaving
  • Cast-Off Technique

Learn how to weave a Scarf, make a Pocket, create a Door Latch, attach Ears, make a dimensional Woven Basket, and much more. There are many stitched models illustrating the Needleweaving techniques. You will enjoy seeing many of the Old World Santas and Woven 3-D Baskets and Nativity Set by Kelly Clark Needlepoint.

This 1-hour 8-minutes DVD, with wonderful close-up camera work, showcases valuable procedures to add more interest and dimension to your needlepoint. There are 16 chapters allowing the viewer to fast forward to the next stitch of interest or pause and study.

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