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Price: $5.25
Prod. Code: Raffia TG

 Raffia is from Thread Gatherer.  It is 100% Silk, and comes in packages approximately 2.7 yards.

There are 14 different colors.  We will be adding these threads to the Shopping Cart. Until then, please call the shop (901) 458-6109 to order.

The description, color names, color charts for Raffia will be updated at a later date. Thank you.

Amy described Raffia in her January 2010 e-newsletter:

“I have used Sea Grass several times in projects, but have not been able to bring the complete line into the store until now. This stuff is tough as nails and stitches beautifully on #18 mesh canvas. I have not tried it on #13 but it appears that it would cover well with a thin fill in the holes (voids) of the canvas. The Sea Grass (100% cotton) and Raffia (100% silk) are worked like any substantial ribbon. You will want to guide it or lay it so that it doesn’t twist on the surface of the canvas but you can use your finger almost as easily as your laying tool because it does not have a tendency to misbehave. Ivory and Dreamsicle were the perfect colors of Sea Grass to work the pumpkins on the Halloween Roo Bear by Associated Talents. I am working with some great dried grass colors now for the weeds behind the fence of the Halloweenies Haunted House.”

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