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Burmilana Solids

Price: $3.50
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Prod. Code: Burm S


There are 161 solid colors of Burmilana with great color ranges - - check out the FOUR shades of White, included a Very White that can stitch next to White cotton floss without looking dirty. I appreciate a company that gives me soooo many natural colors to choose from. It seems that I am always pulling thread for animals and outdoor scenes.


I gravitate to the Burmilana for their incredible selection of white, brown, gray, taupe, green, and blue. Burmilana also has some very hard to find colors like the Brassy Greens (3625, 3791, and 3490), Autumn Oranges ( 3457 and #3458), Pale Plum (aka, Luscious Lavender)  to Midnight Purple (3711, 3412, 3833, 3415, and 3997), Light Clear Blue to Midnight Blue (3910, 3909, 3884, 3642, 3440, and 3643), and OH THOSE REDS - - from Pale Cantelope #3483 to Red Hot #3480 to Elderberry (wine anyone?) #3492 - - a whole column of them #7.


161 Colors, Wool/Acrylic blend, 40 yard skein, $3.00 per skein.

Color Charts of Burmilana Solids

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