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Burmilana Heathers

Price: $3.50
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: Burm H

The Burmilana Heathers have more than one color of fiber spun into each strand. The effect is very subtle, unlike an over dyed thread.

There are great colors for animals (3519, 3504, 3503, 3501, 3516, 3502, 3505, and 3506), terra cotta pots (3509 and 3510), and hard to find greens (3500, 3518, 3512, 3507, 3508, and 3515) including #3508 that mixes green with brown for a very woodsy look and my favorite black and green mix, #3500. These color mixtures are easy to use and take no special handling, just thread up and stitch.


20 Colors, Wool/Acrylic blend, 40 yard skein, $2.50 per skein.

Color Charts of Burmilana Heathers

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