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Burmilana Twill

Price: $3.50
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Prod. Code: Burm Twil

This Burmilana Twill is a Wool/Acrylic Blend, as are the other styles of Burmilana. The manufacturers have manipulated the different fibers to create an interesting “twill-like” stripe that runs through the individual strands. Try the look of Twill in both Basketweave and Gobelin and see the effects that you can achieve with this unique thread design.

There are some truly wonderful color/effects in this line that are good for tree trunks & animals (3308, 3309, and 3310) shrubs and other greenery (3318 and 3314), concrete and pavement (3306), blue jeans (3315), night sky (3317), and Halloween (3303, 3313, 3307, 3314, 3301, and 3316).


20 Colors, Wool/Acrylic blend, 40 yard skein, $2.50 per skein.

Color Charts of Burmilana Twill

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