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Burmilana Argyle

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Is this an over-dyed Burmilana?

Burmilana Argyle multi-hued thread is great for a changing hue effect. If you use a single strand the colors will change clearly but used multi-strand in your needle, you will get a mingling of the colors with every stitch. This will cut down on the “stripe” effect when you work Basketweave or Continental.

#3386 is great for water. You might try mixing a strand of #3386 with 1 – 2 strand of a solid blue or green Burmilana for a more subtle effect for sky, water, or a crystal flower vase full of water. Some of these colors work well in dramatic sunsets (3380) or sunrises (3381). The soft tones in #3391 work well for sand on a beach and #3394 is good for celery or light-colored green leaves. Try them alone or mix with other Burmilana colors for a huge variety of colors.


14 Colors, Wool/Acrylic blend, 40 yard skein, $2.50 per skein



Color Charts of Burmilana Argyle

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