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Wool Crepe Tweed

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Wool Crepe Tweed is 77% Australian Wool, 23% Rayon.  It is a Wool / Acrylic Blend which comes in 22 colors.  

Made from a superior grade of Austrailan Wool, Wool Crepe Tweed can be used for needlepoint, cross stitch, embroidery, wearable embellishment and more.  Packaged in 10 yard cards.  


Wool Crepe is a blend of wool and rayon that has a somewhat bumpy texture. You need a size 20 tapestry or chenille needle, as it's bumpy texture makes it hard to thread in smaller needles. It does work well on #18 mesh canvas but can be a little bit tight in Basketweave Stitch. I love it for sweaters or socks, hair, grass, and it makes a great golf ball when worked in Raised Spider or Round Rhodes Stitch.


Color Chart of Wool Crepe Tweed.


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